Barry Levenson of Canned Heat
Rip Cat Records Barry Levenson formerly of Canned Heat
“One of the things about living in LA, is you have the fortune (or misfortune) of doing a lot of driving. This gives me a lot of time to listen to music. A CD that I can’t stop listening to lately is Orphan Jon and the Abandoned, Over the Pain. This is no cookie-cutter blues band. This is a serious musical aggregation with great songs, hip players and a vision. Jon English is one of the finest vocalists I’ve heard in a long time. He has his own style and his soul comes across in his tunes and in his writing. The band is tight, honest, and Bruce Krupnik is a superb guitar player who plays for the song and still manages to blow you away with his knowledge of his instrument. This is a band worth going to see. In the larger picture, if they can stay together, these guys are going places.”
Rip Cat Records Artist
Barry Levenson
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