“[Orphan] Jon English has one of those pure, clear voices. He’s not going to send you back to the archives to find gruff, old-time blues pipes to compare with his. It’s kind of like when Jim Morrison came on the scene with his classic voice that didn’t sound like any of his contemporaries. English is that way. The voice rings clear, the timbre unique and pleasant, the range nice and full.”  ~ Ed Kociela Music Critic MusicUCanSee

“Like all good Blues bands OJATA are at their best when they take things low down and dirty; and that’s so very true here with Dance For Me Girl which is so very wrong on many levels….but oh so right too; and more especially Leave My Blues Alone which finds Jon English using his amazing vocals to create a spine-tingly Soulful Blues Ballad. Dicey, Claustrophobic, Turbulent and Oh So Sexy” ~The Rocking Magpie

“If this recording [Leave My Blues Alone] makes it into the hands of the right people, I’m betting that I just heard next year’s song of the year nominee sung by next year’s vocalist of the year nominee.” ~Peter “Blewzzman” Lauro Mary4Muic

“Guitarist Krupnik is a superb player, and his slide work is reminiscent of “Sticky Fingers”-era Mick Taylor…another favorite track is “Leave My Blues Alone,” which called to mind Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac. All in all, it’s a very listenable album, I’m looking forward to hearing what their next outing has in store for us.”  ~Blues Blast Magazine

“Orphan Jon’s ‘Abandoned No More’ is an album of fuzzed-out, mysterious, complex and tasty tunes. It demonstrates the depth of a master. Actually, two of them. The touch of producer Barry Levenson is evident if you know his work and Jon English has a great Magic Sam quality to his singing, a unique voice. Bruce Krupnik; his guitar player, is just as good. This music is smoky, soaring, satisfying blues. Good job guys!”  ~Gary ”The Wagman” Wagner, KKJZ Radio Los Angeles, Ca.

“Orphan Jon and The Abandoned has it really going on, and I mean really going on. They are one of the most professional bands I’ve seen in a while. And they sound great as well” ~Frank Hicks Owner of Knuckleheads Saloon Kansas City, MO.

“Orphan Jon and The Abandoned is a hard-hitting band with mucho energy. Watch them as they conjure up a cauldron of Blues Spirits from the Delta, Chicago and West Coast. Then mix it up in a pot and serve it to you in their own style. Book this band, you will not be disappointed.”  ~Mark Liddell Five Star Talent

“This is no cookie-cutter blues band. This is a serious musical aggregation with great songs, hip players and a vision. Jon English is one of the finest vocalists I’ve heard in a long time. He has his own style and his soul comes across in his tunes and in his writing. The band is tight, honest, and Bruce Krupnik is a superb guitar player who plays for the song and still manages to blow you away with his knowledge of his instrument. This is a band worth going to see.”  ~Barry Levenson Rip Cat Records Recording Artist/Producer

“A must see, a must hear band that is turning heads everywhere they perform””  ~Al Factorman- Well Respected Blues Enthusiast and Historian of Los Angeles, Ca.