Many times I have heard bands and their “live” and “in-studio” albums. Night and day. A number of factors are at play; or out of sync, or due to continuity issues (flackiness), but, when it comes to Orphan Jon and his band The Abandoned it is solid across both avenues, live and studio. I keep hearing a southern blues rock style with a slight touch of Bad Company. The vocals play a good part in that decision. All good. I’m old enough to have lived through those years to sense it. At least to my ear. I enjoy hearing the band’s brand and style. Again, many bands don’t have a style that one can readily pick by ear and go, that’s it. “That’s them. I bet you a million bucks that’s them. Orphan Jon & The Abandoned.” That, says a lot. It’s like seeing a Rockwell or a Rembrandt. That’s them. This, is Orphan Jon. Every song is in the right spot on the album. Great sound and band chemistry. It captures your soul. The CD/sleeve graphics are in perfect order and are readable. Marty Puljic / Madcat Blue on WJCU 88.7 FM / / Cleveland, Ohio. From the Capitol of Rock and the Crossroads of Rustbelt Blues Tuesdays 8-10PM


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