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(Album Art by Mark Castle/Logo by Heather June)

The album was recorded “Live” at O’Hennings on Saturday 12/21/2019. Emile Antonell of Creek Side Studios was the sound engineer and it contains 4 new originals, along with 4 previously released originals and 2 covers that are fan faves. Originally the album was gonna be released as an ep for the fans to purchase at OJATA’s Spring 2020 tour shows. But during the mixing process Rip Cat liked what they heard and it was decided to put it out as a full lp. “It made sense to do our first live recording in our hometown of Bakersfield, CA. and at O’Hennings where Manager Lana Griffith and Owner Roger White have always welcomed and supported us” stated Orphan Jon concerning the project. But more importantly the band wanted to do this one with those that have been with Orphan Jon on his musical journey since the very beginning in 2012. There’s a few that have been to just about every show of Orphan Jon’s since OJATA started. Some have even traveled out of state to see OJATA during their tours. The albums dedicated to them.

The conventional wisdom is you usually you do a “Live” lp after you have a decent amount of recordings in your discography, but Orphan Jon has never been normal to say the least. And with OJATA’s live shows having so much energy and emotions than what you get in a standard studio recording situation, they decided screw the conventional, let’s do it. And though the bands lineup was fairly new at the time of the recording; just one full tour under their belts with guitarist Brett Cox and  drummer Jason Blakely, as well as this show was bassist Ray Sadolsky’s second with the band, everyone involved was very pleased with the end results. Because The Abandoned’s line up was so new at the time of the recording, Ray jokingly suggested that the title of the album should be reckless abandon. And sure enough, once they got into the post production aspects, even Rip Cat’s owner; and the producer of the album, Scott Abeyta; having never heard Ray’s previous title reference, suggested the same exact title. So the band took it as a sign. Thus the title.

Orphan Jon ~ “I really love working with Brett, Jason and Ray and I’m very excited with what the future holds for us. Of course due to the pandemic, things have been either put on hold; touring and gigs, or delayed a bit; next studio sessions, but we’re pretty upbeat still with what direction we’re headed in. After this production was completed Brett suggested we should do a “Live” album every year. Why not? It was a great experience, and we learned much on the “what not to do’s” and the what we should do for the next one. Plus, we want to do a few live recordings in other area’s where we have a great following and friends that have supported us as much as our hometown has. Can’t show enough gratitude and appreciation to everyone that has embraced us and our music.”

A signed copy can be purchased directly from OJATA on Venmo @OrphanJon. Just $15 free postage included.

The albums official release was Friday May 15, 2020.
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