We’re excited and honored to announce, that after long discussions with interested record labels, Orphan Jon has decided to sign with one of the most highly respected and leading blues labels in Southern California, Rip Cat Records. This was a decision not taken lightly, and was given much thought and consideration concerning the future direction of the band. What is most attractive about Rip Cat Records can be found in their mission statement…

“At Rip Cat Records, it is our passion and purpose to collaborate with high-potential artists to create fantastic, ambitious albums. We work directly and extensively with each artist to create their desired personal brand. A particularly notable feature of our process is developing a comprehensive and in-depth marketing package to assist in each artist/band’s promotional success. Creating the opportunity for artists to begin touring and take their careers to the next level is more than just a business to us — we consider our clients part of the Rip Cat family; assisting in fulfilling their goals is of paramount importance to us.  Rip Cat is tenaciously dedicated to promoting the blues scene and expanding gig opportunities for all blues artists.”

“Personal Brand” It means the most to us. When we formed the band in 2014 our number one priority was to be us. To create what we loved to create and see if others enjoyed what they heard. To date, that’s been a successful formula, and it’s opened up a lot of opportunities for us. So we didn’t want to go in a direction that would change any part of who we are; both in our performance and sound, but understood and appreciated what we bring to every show. Rip Cat Records understood this and agreed that we are who we are, and changing us wouldn’t be a good thing. For this we’re very appreciative and excited to see what the future holds for us and Rip Cat Records as we start down this musical road together. With this in mind, we will be releasing our debut lp “Abandoned No More… featuring Bruce Krupnik” in the early Spring of 2018 on the Rip Cat Records label.

Photo By Allie Bluz

You can find out more about Rip Cat Records along with other artists on their label at http://ripcatrecords.com/

Thank you all for the constant support of us and our music. This wouldn’t have happened without you.




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