A minuscule obscure amusement park in Anaheim boasts that they are the “Happiest Place on Earth,” which could possibly be true on every day and night with the exception of one night. Monday night in Tarzana, from the hours of 8:00 pm and 1:30 am boasts that honor. If you are lucky enough to live within walking, biking, hoverboarding, rollerblading, or perhaps even driving distance, from the Maui Sugar Mill you need to be there!! If you love blues or blues/rock delivered, at times, with some funk, and always a whole lot of soul, this will soon become your happiest place on earth.

The Main Street Electrical Parade seems lackluster compared to the pyrotechnics on stage last Monday night (3/6) at Cadillac Zack’s Blues Party. Instead of looking at lit-up floats for our ahhhs and ooohs our eyes are staring in wonderment at an eye-level stage.

Orphan Jon and The Abandoned showed dazzling displays of musicianship from the first song until the last. I was taken by this band and would never abandon any of the musicians, whom are: Jon English (Orphan Jon) – vocals, Bruce Krupnik – guitar/cigar box, sitting in for regular drummer Stan Whiting was Tanner Byrom, Tony Jack Grigsby – bass. Set list was 99% originals: Backbone, Love Light, Blood Moon, Medusa, Vicious Circle, All You Need, Broken Angel, Goin’ Down to Mobile (cover), Cold Man Blues, Sowin’ Seeds.

The songwriting alone is par excellence with a collaboration between Jon & Bruce, and the delivery of the words & music just doesn’t get much better than this. Jon has the ability to hold his notes out effortlessly and the audience was elated to hear and see this achievement. Jon is not only a vocalist, but he’s got moves like Jagger… no, just kidding… he’s got his own signature original dance moves with a whole lot of rhythm and intent and a theatrical style.

Given the fact that Jon was an actual orphan, abandoned at the ages of 8 months and then again at 4 years, this man is to be applauded and commended for overcoming such a horrendous childhood. He was out to prove that he could lead a successful life, and he proves it every time he steps onto a stage, or enters a recording studio. If you get the chance to see this band, do it!! Your soul will thank you!

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