Oct. 7, 2015 6:42am EST
“A day just like every other day, after my morning coffee, I go out to get the mail; bills, coupons AND of course the album(s) of the day. Now I have to be honest with you, I’ve heard some great one’s this year (2015). So far it’s been a great year for the blues regarding the new releases. One of the great albums wasn’t even a full album but an EP !!! By a band I’ve never heard about, Orphan Jon & the Abandoned: Over The Pain. Dang!!!!!!!!!!! It struck like lightning! The first song “Backbone” starts with a great “dark” slide from guitar player Bruce Krupnik, backed up by the other backbone of the band Wil Anderson on Bass and Stan Whiting on Drums. After about a minute the voice of Orphan John (Jon English) kicks in… WOW!!! The song rolls on like a steam locomotive! The second song “Love Light” is kind of a ballad which proves the greatness of Jon’s voice; amazing! The “swampy” sound of Blood Moon takes you to the bayous, almost mysterious. “Medusa” proves again the great quality of Bruce Krupnik as a guitar player, his riffs are mesmerizing. And there we go. Already the last song on the EP, the title track “Over the Pain”. Talking about West Coast Blues. Great!!!!!!!!! John Clifton and Scott Abeyta are giving a helping hand as guest musicians on this song. This EP made my day! Orphan Jon & the Abandoned prove that they are COMING! All 5 self-penned songs are really, really good!! So, check out the website, buy the album. Or even better, go to a show nearby and buy two albums!!! I also have to give a compliment to Scott Abeyta for producing this EP.”
“Is there no downside to this EP??? Oh yes there is!!! … It’s too short!”

Triple R Blues Radio The Netherlands

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